Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Wishlist, Larie-style

Fall Wishlist

Fall Wishlist by eyeheartit featuring a cable knit stocking
Fall is here, officially, I suppose. It's wet and dreary in Seattle today, so I have started looking for cold-weather options. We're clearing out the closets, too, so I feel like looking for some new, better fitting clothing is justified. I want: sweater dresses (so easy! So comfy!), cardigans, cords, grown-up pants (although I do love jeans), and colored tights - to go with those dresses. I would also like some comfy skirts for layering over tights. It's boots season, baby. Also, since my hair is long now, I want to have fun with it. Jazz it up. What are your favorite hair accessories? Help. I've never been a long-haired girl, so I have no idea what to do with the masses.

As far as beauty goes, I was looking at Philosophy's BB cream, mostly because it has only mineral sunscreen. As I've mentioned before, I feel like BB and CC creams are glorified tinted moisturizers, but hey - I like tinted moisturizers. I need one that's pretty dewy for the winter. I also want Dior Abricot (still on a nude nails kick), and more of Laura Mercier's caviar sticks for easy eyes. On the lipstick front, I love mattes, and Givenchy Le Rouge's semi-matte finish looks dreamy. I also like Laura Mercier's Rouge Nouveau matte formula (see it here), and it comes in this deliciously vampy wine (Muse).

What's on your cold-weather wishlist?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Testing, Testing: Four Mineral Sunscreens For All-Over Body Sun Protection

[Products all purchased by me.]

Summer has finally given up the ghost, I guess (although we are having a couple of beautiful days here right now!), so, erm, what better time to talk about sunscreen, right?

I know, I know. I just take long to do reviews, okay? And really, sometimes it is still sunny outside on crisp fall days, so if we're going to take Dennison on a long walk or something, I do put sunscreen on at least my hands and neck, or any other parts that might be exposed. Sunscreen is very important in this household.
All four are mineral sunscreens (titanium dioxide + zinc oxide combinations as active ingredients), and paraben-free.

All four of these are mineral sunscreens, and pretty readily available, at least in the US. I bought the Solbar on Amazon, Mustela on Sephora's website, Alba Botanica at Ulta, and Neutrogena at Bartell Drugs (yay, PNW!). Mustela is the most expensive ($22, 3.4 oz); Solbar Shield is usually around $10 for 4.4 oz, Alba Botanica (4 oz) and Neutrogena (3 oz) are usually between $5-10, depending on the sales. I'm going to briefly go through some of the details, as well as talk about which ones S. and I liked the best. Mineral sunscreens are usually pretty thick by nature, and all of these are a combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (see my beauty of science posts here and here about sunscreens for more information!) for UVA and UVB protection. All of these claim some water resistance, as well. [Edit: I forgot to mention that I use a separate sunscreen for my face, so I haven't tried these on my face.]

Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Sunscreen: Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Zinc oxide 14.5 %, titanium dioxide 2.0 %. This is my least favorite, mostly because it tends to separate a lot and has to be shaken very vigorously prior to use, but it does have a high percentage of mineral sunscreen ingredients. It can also feel a little bit gritty sometimes because of this. However, it is composed of vegetarian ingredients and the brand does make an effort to "go green," which is always nice to see, but I don't necessarily need my body sunscreen to be moisturizing.

Solbar Shield: Not bad overall, but pretty thick and hard to rub in. Zinc oxide 7.5 % and titanium dioxide 5.0%; Broad Spectrum SPF 40. S. doesn't like this one very much because it's hard to rub in, so I've been using it to finish it up. It is pretty water resistant though, so if you're going to splash around for the day, this isn't a bad one to consider.

Mustela: I don't know much about this brand, but I'm always on the lookout for mineral-only sunscreens. Rated Broad Spectrum 50+ SPF, titanium dioxide 4.9 %, zinc oxide 4.7 %. It's not as thick as the Alba or Solbar Shield versions, but it is quite pricey. I think this is a brand that caters to babies and children, especially, though, so if that's something you need to look out for, I'd recommend looking into this line.

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin: Broad Spectrum SPF 60+, titanium dioxdie 4.9%, zinc oxide 4.7%. S. picked this up for his trip and said it was pretty nice (he used it for face and body while he was in the Midwest for a conference) - not as thick as some of the others, so it rubbed in pretty nicely and held up in the humid, humid, humid Midwest summer. I haven't tried it too many times myself, but I'd agree with his assessment. It's nice to see a mineral-only sunscreen from a widely available drugstore brand! I think this may be the one we repurchase the most often, simply because it's so easy to obtain and the texture isn't bad.

I know this would have been more useful at the beginning of the summer, but at least you know I spent a lot of time with all of these! They've all been in rotation over the beautiful summer that we had here. None of these are very greasy, and they were fine to wear all day without feeling like you rolled around on greasy hamburgers. I'd say my favorites are the Mustela and the Neutrogena; after considering the price, though, my recommendation has to be Neutrogena's.

What's your favorite mineral sunscreen? Any fab finds this summer?

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Returning to Colors: Dabbling in Purple

[Products in this post were purchased by me.]

I promised a look using Maybelline's Barely Beige as an eye base, so here it is. I have to admit that after spending the summer embracing only neutral shadows, it's been a bit hard for me to incorporate color into my eye looks again. Especially purple, as I've never been a fan, and it's hard for me to wear. But you know. It's only makeup, it comes off.
Using Maybelline Barely Beige as a base. Then Shiseido BE231 (middle shade), UD Woodstock, theBalm Curvy Cami (Shady Lady Vol.1). Wearing liner and mascara, as well.

I also wanted to feature Becca Berry Twist, since I used it in my fall lip color lineup and I've been trying to wear all of those again this month to show you how they look. I've been skipping foundation a lot lately, but with purple on eyes and a dark lip color, I do think it's important to minimize any sallowness or redness, so I used a CC cream, and plenty of undereye corrector.
On lips: Becca Berry Twist.
Face: Ole Henriksen CC Cream in Light, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach, Tarte Stellar*, MAC Whisper of Gilt, NARS Setting Powder
Of course, there's prolly some rule against coordinating your eye makeup with your lip color.
I kind of hate my hair right now. Sorry the lighting is different. Seattle weather is not consistent, even for five minutes.
Yeah, don't care. Plus, when my eyes are open you can't see much anyway, stupid hooded eyes.

But I do like how it came out. And I think I'm ready to start playing with color again. Especially once I get my hands on that new Shiseido Color Bar palette!

What colors are you afraid to use in your daily looks? Do you go through color phases, too?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Better the Second Time: Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal in Barely Beige

[Product was purchased by me.]
Maybelline Tattoo in Barely Beige.

This has been the summer of skincare, cream shadows, and neutral shades for me. A lot of the things I've tried in these areas have been new to me, and I've had mixed results. The first time I tried the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige, I kind of hated it. The texture seemed greasy and slippery, it was so frosty and metallic, and pale enough to wash me out if used alone. It didn't stay put throughout the day (creased and faded), and all in all, I wasn't impressed. I set it aside for a long time.
Swatched with a finger. It's metallic in finish, so I prefer not to layer anything metallic over it - the effect is a little too intense. It is also quite light, so used alone, it can make my eyes look wan and ashy.

But my success with Laura Mercier's Sandglow stick and Tarte's pencils - especially as bases - inspired me to give Barely Beige another shot. I don't like to wear this over primer - it makes the texture gummy and thick. I smooth a very, very thin layer of it on my eyelids, blending out lightly with my finger, and then pat shadows on top of it. My current favorite powder shadow to layer over this is the middle shade from the Shiseido BE231 trio - it's quite similar in shade, a little warmer, and only shimmery, not frosty.
Maybelline Barely Beige as a base, Shiseido BE231 middle shade all over lid, theBalm Caught-in-the-act Courtney in the crease.

I'll have a look up later this week using this as a base again. Using cream shadows as a base is sometimes nice to add dimension to a look, and you also don't have to be as careful with your powder shadow placement - you just need to even everything out and set the cream powder. I'm having a lot of fun. I don't know if I would purchase any more of these Maybelline Tattoo shadows, as I find this one a little finicky (easy to apply too much, so, so frosty) and there are other cream shadows to explore.

Do you own any of these? What's your favorite potted cream shadow formula?

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

More "Budget-Friendly-Ultra-Sophisticated-Office-Appropriate" Lip Shades

[Products purchased by me.]
Eternally Nude and Pink Resistance.
The colors I lack in my lipstick wardrobe are soft, neutrals that can be worn when one needs to look understated and at their professional best. Which isn't to say that there isn't a place for brighter, more intense lip colors in the professional world, but for, say, a job interview, it's best to play it safe. As I'm trying to step into the grown-up world soon (fingers crossed for a job!), I'm slowly changing over the items in my wardrobe to accommodate this transition: clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup. I was looking for MLBB type shades, and I like the L'Oreal Color Caresse Wet Shine Stains (Everlasting Caramel here and Coral Tattoo here), despite their slightly tacky finish. Sometimes a product has traits that I typically avoid, but the whole package appeals to me somehow. This is one of those times.

I bought both of these when there was a BOGO 50% off sale at my local drugstore. Pink Resistance is a pretty, barely-there pink. Evens out my lips and adds gloss and an appearance of plumpness. I've also tried layering it under other lip products (under Tarte Moody here) because it does give lips a smooth surface and a lot of shine. I also like it because it's pale pink without being milky.
Wearing Pink Resistance.

Eternally Nude is a touch more orange. Sometimes I need a MLBB type shade with a little bit of warmth to it, and this is it. Again, the finish is smooth and high-shine, without being glittery or shimmery. It can be layered to achieve a slightly darker orangish red tone.
Wearing Eternally Nude.

Both would be office appropriate, I think, and I love the full lip quality they lend. I don't think there are any more shades from the line that I particularly need, but I am definitely happy with these two. They regularly go for $9.99 (or thereabouts) - snag them on sale.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dipping into the Alphabet Cream Trend: Ole Henriksen CC Cream

[Product featured in this post was received as a 100 point perk from Sephora. Apparently it's Ole Henriksen week on this blog. Ha!]

I've tried two BB creams (Marcelle's and Maybelline's) and this is my first CC cream. I'm not really into the whole trend, and I like tinted moisturizers and skincare as separate items, so the idea of an "all-in-one" doesn't necessarily charm me. However, color correcting creams are of interest to me because I don't like heavy foundations and the idea of simply neutralizing redness and then being able to forgo traditional base products does appeal to me.

I've wanted to try Clinique's, but I'm trying to sort out the whole difference between the Asian release colors and the ones here in the US (they seem to have merged?) but my local Sephora doesn't carry the line and I keep forgetting about it when I'm near Nordstrom. I'll have to simply order one and find out, I guess. However, I did receive a sample of the Ole Henriksen CC Cream with one of my Sephora orders, and I've been trying it out.
Ole Henriksen CC Cream in Light. OMG ignore my dry hands.

The first time I tried it, upon initial application, I thought the color match was ok. I have Light. Then I got outside and looked at myself in the car mirror and was horrified because I thought it looked orange. Then I went around and glanced at myself in other lighting, and it looked fine. Bottom line is: It's a decent match. I don't think it oxidizes as badly as I initially thought (the direct sunlight in my car is harsh, man). It does a relatively good job of concealing redness, and it gives skin a dewy look. I think if you have oily skin, you're probably going to want a setting or blotting powder over the course of the day.
Wearing the Ole Henriksen CC Cream in Light under NARS Pressed Powder. On lips: Tarte Moody over L'Oreal Pink Resistance. Another lipstick from my fall lineup, down! I'd say Tarte Moody is a good gateway vamp.
It is SPF 30 and my little bottle says that the active ingredients are avobenzone 2%, homosalate 5%, octinoxate 7.5%, octisalate 5% and octocrylene 1.86%, so these are chemical sunscreens. A full ingredients list is available here, though it doesn't appear to include the active ingredients.

It's supposed to provide added skincare benefits over time, and of course I haven't been using it long enough to report back on that. I don't necessarily believe that base makeup has to multi-task as skincare, though, so it's really not that important to me. The product has a strong citrus smell, like the rest of the Truth line. You can see from the FOTD photo above that it doesn't really cover all of my imperfections and my skin still looks like skin...but that's ok with me. That photo was also taken in the middle of the day, about 6 hours into wear time.

If you're looking for a CC cream in particular, this may be one to try. I have to try Clinique's because it gets so many raves, and I'm not sure I'm going to invest in this one - it's $36 for 1 oz and only comes in two shades, which is really disappointing. Still, if you're like me and sometimes only want something light and basic to give your natural skin a little bit of help, it may be worth trying out.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ole Henriksen Truth Line

[Products featured in this post were purchased by me, except *, which was a Sephora 100 pt. perk.]

I bought the mini kit that came with a Truth serum, eye cream, and moisturizer, and then received a 100 point perk for the new Truth anti-aging oil*. So I've had a lot of things to try! And I appreciate that I was able to buy a set of trial-sized items with enough product to use for a couple of months, at least (I'm sure the moisturizer will last much longer), without the investment of having to buy a full-sized product right off the bat. More brands should do this.
Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil was a 100 pt Sephora perk; the rest came in a set that I purchased. Full ingredients lists for all products can be found here; I have the ingredients for the oil down below.

My favorite item is the Truth serum; I use it daily in the morning, before my moisturizer, and it sinks in really nicely - especially if I put it on right after I wash my face. If I wait a little longer, it gets a little harder to rub in, naturally. It smells of citrus and is an uplifting morning scent. It contains vitamin C and green tea extract (camellia sinensis leaf extract), along with sodium hyaluronate. I have to confess that I haven't done much research into the effect of applying such hyaluronic acid/salts topically - perhaps someone can enlighten me?

I also really like the eye cream. It is a tiny, 0.1 oz jar, but it is lasting quite a while. Easy to pat into skin, doesn't pill under makeup, doesn't cause milia, and there's SPF 15 in it, which is interesting. I use SPF all over my face every day (40 or higher), so it's not really necessary...and it is a combination of chemical sunscreens. I do, however, like the effect of this eye cream, so I'll probably buy the full size when I'm done with this.
The three products that come in the kit.

The third item in the kit is the Advanced Hydration moisturizer. I don't really like moisturizers in jars, but I'll live. This is a quite hefty 1 oz jar (the full size is 1.7 oz and retails for $45, so it's quite a deal). When I first opened it, it kind of smelled like stale body odor and orange oils. Blegh. I know. I left it alone for a little while (tightly closed - I just didn't try it after the first night) and some of that heavy smell seems to have dissipated. It's not so bad now, though of course, it's now slightly less fresh (you see why I hate jar packaging?). The texture is light and fluid - after I apply the Truth serum in the mornings, I dab some on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then just rub it gently into my skin. At night, I use the Weleda Almond oil instead. I probably won't repurchase this - it's nice, but I have other favorite moisturizers.

Finally, I got a sample of the Truth anti-aging oil as a Sephora 100 point perk. It has the strongest scent of all the Truth line products here, and it's a slightly different scent - more like lemongrass. I like the oil; it sinks in easily and isn't excessively greasy. I think I would use it at night in the summer, but perhaps in the winter it would be nice in the morning, too. It also has the simplest ingredient list: rosehip seed oil, tangerine peel oil, lemongrass oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin E).

In general, I'm really liking Ole Henriksen products. Ingredients lists contain no added fragrance, but all products do have strong smells - they smell strongly of things that I can usually identify, though. Which makes sense, as most plants and food items have strong, distinct natural scents. The Sephora page for the brand has a lot of helpful information, and while I hate the jar packaging that seems to be prevalent here, I do like the items I've tried. Also, as I mentioned before, the mini sets really appeal to me.

Have you tried any Ole Henriksen products before? What is your favorite Vitamin C serum?

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Monday, September 9, 2013

A Happy Mask: Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask

[Product was purchased by me.]
This is a gel mask that you can use once or twice a week. I usually go for once a week because I'm terrible about remembering to do things like this. Plus, they need to be applied to a clean face, and I remove my makeup in the shower. The first time I tried it, I also had taken out my contacts prior to applying it. Big mistake. You can't wear glasses when you have gooey gel all over your face for 20 minutes.
 It comes with a plastic cover that I keep so that the gel doesn't dry out. I scoop some out with a clean spatula, and then spread it all over a clean face in a thick layer. Then you doze off for 20 minutes. It never hardens, but loses its loose fluidity as it dries. You don't need a lot for a thick layer, so the jar should last a few months, at least. Probably closer to a year, ha.
The strongest smell is LAVENDER. If you have a sensitivity to lavender oil or to the scent, this is definitely not for you. I really like the way it feels (cooling, fresh) and my skin does look bright and cheerful for the next few days. It's meant to soothe and hydrate, and I would say it does both of those things. I like it! Plus, masks just make you feel so pampered, you know?

What masks are you enjoying right now? I've been exploring the wide realm of masks only recently, so I'd love to hear what else people favor!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Fall FOTD with Laura Mercier Sandglow and Rouge d'Armani 609

[Products in this post were purchased by me.]

I bought a Laura Mercier caviar stick and it's pretty rad. It wears pretty rock solid over primer, or sans primer but with a powder shadow layered over it. Even on the lower lash line! I have Sandglow, but I want a couple more. I wouldn't mind having Shannon's collection! If you want to see more of Sandglow, you can check out Teri's or Sunny's reviews.
Layering theBalm's Jet-setting Jennifer over Sandglow is one of my favorite ways to wear it; Jet-setting Jennifer adds just a touch more gold and interesting duochrome.

I like layering shadow over Sandglow to add dimension - you don't have to be as careful with powder shadow placement. Just apply the caviar stick, blend out gently with a finger, and then pat a shadow over it. Add another in the crease, if you like. Finish with liner, and voila! An easy peasy look. I decided that I was also going to try to wear all of the lipsticks in my fall lipstick lineup for the posts this month, so you can get an idea of how they look again. I started with my favorite vamp.
On eyes: Laura Mercier Sandglow under theBalm Jet-setting Jennifer and Caught-in-the-act Courtney, Tarte MultiplEYE Liquid liner.
On lips: Rouge d'Armani 609.

Rose Gold and Grey Pearl are next on my list. I like how easy they make my eye makeup routine. And I like the versatility - the combinations with powder shadows are endless!
What happens on days that I forget to put on eye cream in the morning... T_T

What's your favorite cream stick shadow? 

Sandglow ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, trimethylsiolxysilicate, mica (CI 77019), polyethylene, lauroyl lysine, ozokerite, octyldodecanol, synthetic beeswax, lecithin, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, citric acid, +/-: CI 77891 (titanium dioxide), CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (iron oxides).

Friday, September 6, 2013

Okay Fall, You Win: Autumn Lipsticks, Old and New

Actually, autumn is my favorite season of the year. But summer was so glorious this year, that I really didn't want it to end. I think it may still be clinging on right now, but I acknowledge that fall will soon be in full swing, so we might as well start looking forward to it, right?

Which means: fall makeup. My absolute favorite. I had a pumpkin spice latte this morning, because it was wet and wet and wet and miserable. So I guess that means I can swatch fall lipsticks.
If you're going to be wearing lots of strongly colored lipstick, I would really recommend a clear liner like Dior's that goes with everything and keeps creamy formulas from feathering at the lip lines.
One might say I don't need any more. Ahem. One might be right. But gloating really isn't attractive, is it? Swatches below. Those marked with a * were limited edition (I'm sorry!), and I purchased all of these on my own. Click the names for links to previous posts featuring these lipsticks.
L-R: Dior Angélique Beige, Tarte Moody, L'oreal Everlasting Caramel, Becca Berry Twist, YSL Forbidden Burgundy, Dior Nocturne*, MAC Runaway Red*,  NARS MascateLaura Mercier Mink, Armani 609

See, I have you covered. Nude (Dior Angélique Beige) if you're gonna do that whole smokey eye thing. Something a little more sheer if you're a scaredy cat (kidding!) - Tarte Moody. L'oreal Everlasting Caramel is one of the stain thingees, which I quite like. It's brown without being BROWN.

Becca Berry Twist is a gloss and absolutely stunning. YSL Forbidden Burgundy actually isn't one of my favorite lipsticks (I don't really love the YSL formula and the packaging always fails me); it's pinker than Berry Twist and probably pretty close to MAC Rebel (which I don't own).

Dior Nocturne was a holiday release and probably I should get rid of it, but it's so damn pretty. It's got gold sparkles. For a more classic red, MAC Runaway Red is still my favorite - satin finish, slightly darker than normal. NARS Mascate is darker still, and matte. Laura Mercier Mink is the Rouge Nouveau formula and I just picked it up today. Matte, slightly reddish brown. Great for fall.
Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau in Mink. It's warmer than it appears here - there's a bit of brown in it, definitely. I love mattes because they can look so soft.
And yes, I know. I'm wearing a sweater. Ok, fine, fall, you win. *throws up hands*

And finally, the ultimate in vampy lipstick: Armani 609. I cannot tell you how much I love this lipstick and every time I wear it, I get compliments. It's stunning.

I'm a little more excited about fall now. I think if anything were to round this out, it'd be a peachy gloss like Dior Spring Ball (which I was going to buy today BUT THEY WERE OUT OF STOCK) to add some dimension to nude lips and create further pairing possibilities.

What's your favorite autumn lipstick?