Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Thursday Post

Wake Owl: Wild Country. I love the instruments and the soothing, dreamy quality.

Kitties! Maine coons are cool, man! So fluffy!

Winter can be beautiful...but I've had enough, thanks.

They trained this otter to play basketball to help with his arthritis.

Interesting, but I think I'll stick to decanting. Why wash one more thing?
If you follow me on Instagram (pestozesto), you'll have seen this...but it was too funny not to post. He does fit under there (I think I could fit under there, actually).

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Experiments of the Week: Feb. 17 - 23

Last week's goals:
  • use white eyeliner as a base
  • layer lipstick and gloss - experiment with combinations!
  • use lipstick as blush
White eyeliner of choice: Tarina Tarantino Crystal Gun. I picked it up on sale when Sephora was clearing out their products. I kind of like it and wish I had picked up more (I only bought one other, a turquoise). I layered it under the green shade from Shiseido YE406 - on the lower lashline and the lid - which made it a smidge brighter. I was aiming for color, and it was very cheerful! I filled out the rest of my face with peachy orange tones - Dior Aurora, MAC Fresh Honey, and Makeup Forever N37 + Revlon Gold Dust on lips. (oh, see that? Layering lipstick and gloss, too!)
My hair likes to photobomb me. Whatever.

This next look combines the other two tasks: layering lipstick and gloss, and using lipstick as blush. Bottom line? Marcelle Rouge Xpression in Cleopatra makes a really good blush. Creamy and easy to apply, and it lasted all day as a lovely fuchsia flush. Excited to try one of the other Rouge Xpressions in this manner! It's like one of those fancy lip/cheek sticks!
Could have used more eyeliner in this look. Ah, well.

Layered Revlon Super Lustrous Coral Reef gloss over Marcelle Rouge Xpression in Cleopatra on lips; layered Guerlain Sunny Pink* over Cleopatra on cheeks. Sticking to the peach and pink theme, I used Rapunzel Had Extensions on eyes, with just a little bit of Urban Decay Woodstock in the center of the lid. It was a very colorful look, but it was cheerful and I rather liked it.

Well, that's it for this week. (Also, I swear I own more than one scarf, but that happens to be the one I wear when I take photos, I guess.) One more week, and then I get to give all of this "being creative" nonsense a break, ha! 

*won in a brand-hosted giveaway on Twitter
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wishlist: Basics

wishlist: basics

wishlist: basics by eyeheartit 
Just a quick snapshot of items that I'm currently looking at. They're all "practical" in the sense that they're things that I consider to be basics. I am trying to get on without an eye primer right now, and it has made me realize that I really do prefer wearing shadows over primer. I'm over UDPP, hated Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and liked NARS except for the packaging - LORAC's is next on my list. 

NARS Stylo in Carpates is probably the thing I'll cave to first. I'm trying to use up a cream liner and it simply will not do, and I wear black eye liner every day. So my current appearance is that of a raccoon, which also will not do.

Running out of night eye cream, which brings Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye (what does that mean, by the way? That's not really a name) to the list.

And I like dark lipsticks, which means I need a lip liner. I can't be bothered to get lip liners that match every shade, so I want the Dior Universal Contour lip liner. I've heard raves about it. No more bleeding or feathering lipstick!

Finally, the sorry state of my nails suggests that I might want to get some sort of treatment base coat. The Deborah Lippmann Rehydrating Base Coat is supposed to be a winner.

There you have it. I also want some Sonia Kashuk eye brushes, but I haven't looked into it too much yet. Do you  have a favorite? I haven't bought a piece of makeup since the beginning of the year, mostly because I don't seem to want anything that badly.  I do desperately want to try the NARS Stylo, because I'm tired of SMUDGING, but $27 is putting a pause in my step. And since I've decided that my budget for fun things now includes makeup - rather than allowing a separate budget for beauty/bath - I'm really thinking everything over.

What do you consider to be makeup staples? What's on your wishlist?

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Friday, February 22, 2013

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo!

I have a confession. I usually wash my hair every night.

Bad, I know. But here's the thing - I usually engage in some sort of exercise/physical activity during the day (rock climbing, Muay Thai, some vague sort of weight training regimen) and sweaty hair is gross. So, I wash it. I've been trying to be a bit better about this, though. So I bought a dry shampoo to test out.
Hahaha. I bought this in the summer, actually. But uh, haven't really gotten around to using it very much until now. I didn't really get the hang of how to use it. So I let it sit for a long time! 
I will admit that I don't use it too often; maybe once a week? But I figure a little break is better than nothing. And as I work myself up to it, maybe I'll use it more frequently.

The LUSH dry shampoo smells good (grapefruit/citrus), and comes out as a soft powder. I usually "poof" some into my hand (squeeze the bottle) and then flip my hair over, rub my hands together, and then run them both through my roots. If you just try to apply it to your hair directly or when your hair is already parted, the white powder will be pretty obvious. And I think when I flip over my hair, I get a bit of volume back, which is kind of the point, right? To avoid the flat, greasy-haired look.

I kind of like this - it has a cheery smell and it does freshen up my hair. I'm going to make an effort to use it much more often!

Do you use a dry shampoo, or some other form of traditional shampoo reprieve?

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Thursday Post

Lucia Micarelli: Lady Grinning Soul (cover). An S discovery, actually. Beautiful instrumental.

Remember some of my goals for the year? We're working on this one!

A boy and his dog. Is there anything better?

Loving this quirky food blog.

Never mind the banana and cookie nonsense. This vanilla pudding is excellent, and so easy.

Looks like I fall in that 4%...anyway. Very cool science.
Endless entertainment. Endless.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Experiments of the Week: Feb. 10-16

Last week, the objectives were:

1. Wear the same color (not necessarily the same product) on eyes, cheeks, lips.
2. Use Pixie Epoxy!
3. Wear a different blush every day.

For task 1, I used Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions, Guerlain Sunny Pink*, and Fyrinnae Romantique. All peachy golds, and all quite lovely. I will try to do an FOTD post on this soon. Worked better than I thought it would!
I also used Pixie Epoxy under Rapunzel Had Extensions, to bring out the peach-gold shift.

I can't say that Task 2: Pixie Epoxy turned out fabulously, but I think it does take practice, so at least I got a little bit of that in. I tried to use it with Tyr and with Rapunzel Had Extensions, but I think it worked better with Rapunzel Had Extensions. I do want to try it again, so I think I will - but on days when I don't have to go anywhere, until I get a better hang of it. If that's possible. Ha.
Wearing Fyrinnae Tyr (dark green-gray) over Pixie Epoxy and some theBalm neutral champagne shade. Kind of reminds me of L'oreal Golden Emerald, which doesn't require a sticky I might just stick with that in the future.
And here's the blush pr0n shot. A different one every day, as promised!

I'm kind of having fun with this, although I'm a little wary of trying really new things on days where I have to go out into the world. But eh, it's just makeup and there's no dress code to be a graduate student, so I guess now is really the time to go wild!

Do you have tips for using Pixie Epoxy? Do you use your fingers, or a brush?

*Won in a brand giveaway on Twitter.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Handful of Florals

I've been trying to go through my perfume samples more aggressively, so expect a few more perfume reviews in the upcoming weeks. Here we have a some white florals.

I grew up in Hawaii, where gardenia and pikake abound. I thought perhaps not everyone has seen these flowers before, so here they are.

Pikake, in a lei.
Do they look like they smell?

And now, for the perfumes I've been playing with.

kai fragrance sample*

The kai fragrance is described as "a light and intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics." I confess, I don't really know what "white exotics" means, but we'll go with it. I really like the central gardenia scent - it smells like the flowers my mum grew in front of our house once. This is sweeter than it is green, but it is essentially gardenia, all the way through. Simple and sweet, like a flower, and lasts fairly long. I wouldn't mind having a full bottle of this one.

Jennifer Aniston mini fragrance

When my best friend came up for my wedding, we swapped some fragrances (or, uh, a lot), and this is one that I ended up with. Sephora has this quote from Jennifer Aniston: "I wanted this fragrance to be a personal library of scent memories. For example, my love of night blooming jasmine has lasted a lifetime. Growing up in California, I distinctly remember the scent of jasmine on summer evenings. I consider the scent of the ocean to be one of life's most uplifting sensual experiences. No aroma is quite so purifying, humbling and exhilarating. The combination of the salty air and tropical oils reminds me of long sunny days on the beach-pure happiness."

I have to say, it's one of those scents aims to be inoffensive, but I just can't get behind it. It seems watered down. I feel the elements, but to me, it's more like being at the beach on a cloudy, overcast day; the sky is gray and the scent of the ocean is muted and muddled, giving you just a vague sense of salt and sand and far off places. The jasmine scent is noticeable, but weak, and I really get more of an alcohol finish than I'd like. The scent is not crisp or clear or strong in any particular note. I do, however, like that the mini bottle looks just like the original, and is actually a functional spray!

Amazing Grace by Philosphy.

For some reason I thought all of the Philosophy scents were just clean, but obviously, that would be very dull so it's a good thing I'm not running that show. Amazing Grace is another white floral, surprise! Sephora says it's a "uniquely feminine blend of soft, floral blossoms accented by a hint of light musk." I think it is similar to Jennifer Aniston's fragrance in the sense that it's not particularly forward and no single note stands out. It's also a bit watery. However, it's slightly fresher, without the salt in JA. And based on the Philosophy line of products, I can also see how they might not want a super strong scent, if the intention is to layer with the other Amazing Grace products: soap, lotion.

She Belongs There solid perfume by Lulu Beauty

Solid perfumes are nice when you don't want to overwhelm or be overwhelmed by your scent choice. This is called a "evocative entanglement of plush gardenias, exotic pikaki and night-blooming jasmine, layered with notes of lush, smoky vanilla" (Lulu Beauty's Etsy page). I get a lot of the pikake and gardenia and jasmine (I don't know that I can tell the difference between all of those flowers so I won't try too hard) but not a whole lot of vanilla. Once applied to skin it can open up into a bit of the sour green note that some florals possess. I don't get any smoky vanilla. But white florals are so lovely on their own - and utterly feminine - that it doesn't really bother me. They evoke gardens, and shiny green leaves contrasting with the silky smoothness of clean white petals. Exotic and natural, all at once. 

This one, like many solids, doesn't last very long on my skin, though, and ultimately I really don't like touching my perfume - I really love solids that come in twist-ups, like Sweet Anthem's, so that I can apply without getting it on my fingers.

At one point, I thought I didn't like jasmine or white floral fragrances, but I was wrong, ha. Jasmine can be notoriously strong, so I think it just depends on how it's tempered in a blend. How do you feel about white florals? Have you tried any of these?

*PR sample from Wantable

Friday, February 15, 2013

And Now for Something Fun: A Tag

I was tagged by the beautiful Joanne at The Convenient Beauty, who said such nice things about me, ha! Thank you, Joanne! And thanks for the fun questions!

1. What is the first beauty product you bought?
Erm. Um. Probably a Bonne Bell lip gloss or something as a child. Or something from Tinkerbell. Do you remember that?

2. Name your favorite shade of blush.
Probably an apricot or actual orange shade. Not peach!

3. If you could only own one eyeshadow palette (no more than 5 shades), what would it be?
Yikes, what a hard question! I'm not sure! I do like the palettes I have, but! I kind of want that LORAC palette that came out during the holidays. It looks really versatile.

4. What is your favorite look for formal events?
I like to think that I play up my eyes and do a red lip, but I think I usually just end up with something classic and more natural - well-defined eyes, MLBB lips. Except, I did wear red lipstick on my wedding day!

5. Do you coordinate your makeup with your outfits and how? 
Haha! Tracy hates this, but sometimes I do put elements of color from my outfits into my eye makeup. But usually I try to go for something more complementary than matchy-matchy.

6. What did you wear to your first date?
Uh. I have no idea. Sorry! My first date was in high school and I really don't remember. I do actually remember what both S. and I were wearing the first time we went out on a date, though, surprisingly enough.

7. Where would you go for the ultimate fun?
Oh! That's a tough one. I'd love to travel to some new place - that's always fun - but if I'm going to be practical and stay home, perhaps a climbing gym? :)

8. What is your go-to way of applying foundation, brushes, sponges or clean fingers?
For liquid foundation, clean fingers. For powders, a brush.

9. Who inspire your love of beauty?
I think I have an interest in makeup because I grew up watching my mum apply it every morning/evening, and she's quite good.

10. What is your beauty style?
I like to think that makeup is for fun, as well as for boosting your own personal self-confidence. Which isn't to say that I think I need makeup to feel like a real person. That's not it at all. But you know, it's hard to feel like my best self when I've got undereye bags or blemishes or whatever, and makeup does help with that. Also, I do enjoy the artistic elements of applying makeup, and that I can draw attention to whatever features I choose with careful application, so that's fun, as well. I try not to take it all too seriously, though! It comes off, after all!

11. If you could only play up one feature of your face from day to night, what would you choose?
Hm! That's a tough one! Years ago I would have immediately answered eyes, but now I don't know! A red lip is a powerful thing! And easier than adding on more shadow and mascara, haha! So maybe we'll go with lips.

Okay! Now, eleven questions of my own? (Holy moly).
1. Favorite lipstick of all time. (Or just right now. I know we're fickle).
2. What album/band/song have you been listening to lately?
3. If you found just $10 in your pocket right now, what would you spend it on?
4. Last book you really enjoyed?
5. Favorite healthy snack?
6. Favorite not healthy snack? (Can you tell I'm hungry right now?)
7. Favorite body lotion (I need some recs, hahahaha.)?
8. Favorite children's movie?
9. Mac or PC? :D
10. Last item you returned?
11. Favorite ice cream flavor?

I tag...(but you don't have to if you don't want to, haha! This is why I hate tagging people. I feel guilty).
Vita, Lena, Cassy, Laura, MM, Amy, and Monika! They are lovely ladies, all. Funny, vibrant, and beautiful, and you should be reading their blogs!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Thursday Post

Kito & Reija Lee: Sweet Talk. I live for bass lines like this.

Bourbon milkshakes? Come to meeeeeeeee.

This made me giggle (Pixar animator does American football).

I kind of love everything about this post. The flowers, the colors, the jewelry, the shoes. The feel.

This article really made me smile. It's possible to have well-behaved kids! In restaurants!
He wanted his dinner but it wasn't dinner time yet, so he was sulking. There is nothing down there to look at, haha!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Burberry Pink Taupe & a Valentine's Look

For Christmas, a very awesome person bought me a very awesome present (thank you!).

It's my first Burberry item, as the eye shadows are the only paraben-free offerings in the line, and I haven't been able to spring for a single eye shadow thus far.

The shadow quality is as excellent as everyone says; they are soft and easy to blend, as well as pigmented. The colors in this particular quad aren't terribly distinct, but it makes for a great neutral palette. I often layer the pink and green (as Wandz did), and use the darker brown in the crease. The top right corner's golden beige is also an exquisite all-over-lid shade. I wish the pink, green, and beige were perhaps a little stronger and not as similar to each other, but all in all, this is a solid, reliable palette for work-safe looks. If you use the pink, green, or beige shades separately, you can tell the difference between them. If you want to use more than one shade on the lid, you probably won't be able to pick out the differences. In that case, I just layer them for a more nuanced combination.

Here, I combined the corner shades with a red lip - something a bit more classic for Valentine's day, perhaps?
Brows: MUFE Aqua Brow #25
Eyes: Becca Vicuna, Burberry Pink Taupe, Clinique Brush-on Cream Liner 02 Black
Cheeks: Shiseido Camellia
Lips: MAC Cherry lipliner, Bite Pomegranate

Bangs and hair were not cooperating so I cropped them out of the photo. *shakes fist* Also...squinty eye. >_o
(Also. This lip combo isn't kiss-proof by any means, but it is sexy. And sometimes that's all that matters.)

Have any of the Burberry palettes caught your eye?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Experiments of the Week: Feb. 3 - 9

That sounds very science-y, doesn't it? Ah. Ha. Can't get away. (Sigh.)

Last month's "Beauty Week at a Glance" posts were fun, but the photo editing is a bit of work and I wasn't up for that this month. Also, last month's project allowed me to go through and re-discover products, but this month I want to focus on different ways of wearing them.

So, we're going to go through and test some of the application methods that I've always wanted to try - or have failed at - and see if my opinion changes. I'm going to pick three a week, and try to do them at least once during the week. I may also throw in some "wear different products" type challenges, as well, just to change things up frequently.

This past week, the prompts were:
1. Wear brown eye liner alone, without blending it into black.
2. Wear 2 different eye shadows every day - no repeats.
3. Bring eyeshadow down to under the lower lashline.

I combined 1 and 3 this week. I was surprised by how much I liked the effect of bringing a soft shadow under my eyes, as well. It helped reduce the appearance of liner smudging, and brightened the eyes considerably.
With an instagram filter (I can't remember which). On eyes: Becca Vicuna, theBalm Nude'Tude Stand-offish,  Silly, Urban Decay Bourbon 24/7 liner, L'oreal Voluminous Power Volume mascara. Lips: Fresh Sugar Rose Treatment. Cheeks: Uh. Erm. I don't remember.
And here's a photo of the eyeshadows I wore this week.
On Sunday, I wore L'Oreal Sahara Treasure with theBalm All About Alex in the center of the lid, and Risqué Renee in the crease. Monday, was theBalm Luscious Lani, Easy Wheezie, and Jealous Jordana. On Tuesday, I wore the gold, copper, and dark brown shades in TT Wonderful. For Wednesday, I wore the combination shown above: theBalm Stand-offish and Silly. Thursday was theBalm Stubborn and Selfish. Friday was Jet-Setting Jennifer and Sophisticated. Saturday, I wore the corner shades in Burberry Pink Taupe (look coming soon).

I'm trying to play with different methods of wearing makeup in an effort to keep myself from getting bored, and because there are all kinds of looks out there that I always want to try. This is kind of a way of letting me experiment with components of looks on a daily basis without having to go all out and do a LOOK. You know?

Anyway. What are some makeup application methods that you'd like to try, or that you'd like to see me try?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Thursday Post

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz: Thrift Shop. This song is so damn catchy, I can't believe I haven't put it up here before. And they're from Seattle.

I freaking need this. I NEVER remember my keys.

I want ALL THE SHOES. And I'm digging the dramatic makeup, too.

I really, really want this game. But I don't have a 3DS and if I had extra income I need a computer more than a video game system. Sigh.

This is awesome. Birds live a long time!
He does this sometimes. I don't know what it means. Mute appeal? For what?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Splash of Spring: Shiseido YE406 Trio

I really love this shot.
This is a hard review for me to write, because I really feel like my swatches and attempts to showcase this trio are inadequate. When I first swatched this, I was indifferent; yes, the texture was smooth and easy to pick up, easy to distribute, and overall quite lovely, but it just looked so-so on my arm. The true beauty of this palette is evident when it's actually used properly; on eyes, it is beautiful. I have not been this pleased with a palette in a long time.
Shiseido Lumining Satin Eye Color Trio in YE406, Tropicalia. They retail for $33I bought mine from last December. Obviously, I don't use the brush...
The colors are vibrant. On eyes, they all possess a slight dual-color shift that makes them really beautiful to wear, and easy as a single wash of color - the color shift adds dimension. I wear these over Becca Eye Tint in Vicuna right now, and they last most of the day with a little bit of fading toward the end. I don't have a proper primer to test them over (like NARS, MUFE, etc.) at the moment.
I tried to do a few looks using them, to show how bright they can actually be. Shockingly, the pink may be my favorite - it is a fuchsia with a slight blue tinge, and it is so, so gorgeous.
Swatched over bare skin. They seem really sheer, but the colors seem to pop more when worn properly on eyes.

Wearing the pink shade on eyes (theBalm Sophisticated in the crease). For the makeup breakdown, see this post (Jan. 27 look).
Just the yellow shade on the eyes, and black liner (Clinique). Can't remember what the rest of the makeup was, sorry!
Close-up shot of just the green shade on lids. You can see that it's sort of a green-yellow with a sheen to it. So, so pretty. Prettier in person and hard to capture in photos.
And the full face shot of the green on lids. See how bright it is? Full makeup breakdown here (Jan. 26).
If you are alarmed by the brightness of the shades, don't be. They can be worn sheer (the first wash of color with a flat brush is on the sheer side; to reach the vibrancy shown in these photos, I usually do several layers. They layer just fine - no fall out, no clumping).

If you're curious, you need to get to a counter and have it applied to your eyes. They come in a multitude of shades, and I have to say, the next time I have a hankering for another palette, I may pick up the navy-orange-gray trio (OR302, Fire). The quality is really stunning, and the color pay-off is satisfying. Even the yellow. To get an idea of ways to use it, see this post - I featured it in a Beauty Week at a Glance post, and used it for about a week, straight.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hearts Galore! (Or, the Bandits do Valentine's Day)

Hearts. Pink. Squishy emotions and things.

Bleeeeeehhh. You can see that Valentine's Day is not so much my thing. But in the spirit of Bandity Banditness, I'm bringing you ALL THE THINGS today. Hearts, pink...ok, not the squishy emotions. Two out of three ain't bad though, right? TOO BAD.

I didn't really know what a Valentine's Day face entailed, so I went with something really fun and cute and playful. I'LL BE CUPID.
Face: Annabelle BB Compact Makeup, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach, Smashbox High Definition Concealer in Light; MAC Sakura, Urban Decay Ransom, Woodstock (heart)
Eyes: Silk Naturals Jean Queen*, Urban Decay Woodstock 24/7 Pencil and eye shadow, Shiseido YE406 trio (pink shade), Clinique Brush-on Cream Liner in 02 Black
The pink of choice was Marcelle's Rouge Xpression in Cleopatra (can I be Canadian yet?), which is a lovely, creamy bold fuchsia. It's pretty. I like it.

Cheeks were MAC Sakura, because look: HEART. (Can I embrace a theme, or what?) I would have put on mascara, but well, laziness and all. If you really wanted to be très cute, though, mascara is probably a must. Bat those lashes!
Every time I use Jean Queen, I think "OMG how pretty! Lavender! With a shift!" and then I promptly forget to use it again.

And now, our favorite part: CHECK OUT THE REST OF THE BANDITS.
Plus, we have new ones!
*Product was sent for review purposes.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beauty Week(s) at a Glance: Jan. 20 - 31

This week's focus was on the Shiseido YE406 trio. I'm doing a week and a half-ish here because I was sick for most of the first week, and wanted to give the trio a fair chance.

Jan. 21: Sick day. No  makeup necessary to stay in bed all day. Also makeup free for the rest of the work week.

So, that marks the end of this project. It was really kind of fun, and keeping one element the same every week really helped my creativity, actually. I might try it again in the future.

Coming up: a review of the Shiseido Trio and also, February's project: "Experiments of the Week."

*all products marked with a star were gifted to me