Monday, July 11, 2016

Fab Friends: Esqido Eyelash Glue & BFF Lashes

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I'll be honest: I'm still pretty rubbish at putting false lashes on. It's getting slightly easier, only because I know what I did last time that absolutely didn't work. But I wear them so rarely, that I don't invest much effort in really figuring the damned things out. Slowly, but surely, maybe?

I did acquire something that does make the previously finicky glue application so much easierESQIDO eyelash glue. It has a thin brush tip (like most glitter eyeliners) that is really easy to use. I swipe the side of the brush against the band to create a thin layer, wait for a few seconds, then voila! Ready to go. It's latex-free, and at $10.00, definitely worth it. Adhesion is good, dry time is quick, and it's so easy to control vs the glop tip of the glue I've used previously. Seriously: game changer.

I tried the glue with the BFF lashes ($35), which Esqido rates 3/5 for volume. ESQIDO false eyelashes always look beautiful, with great curve and a natural texture (I've tried several: here, and here), and these are no exception. 
BFF Lashes.

The volume on BFF is reasonable, but they have great length. Because they're a sparser lash, I do find that I have to be extra careful to prevent shedding (I lost a few hairs while I was trimming and applying them), but they are light and comfortable to wear. I can see why this one is a fan favorite: they provide just enough oomph and length, but still don't draw too much attention. Still, they provide enough definition that I could skip mascara and eyeliner - in the below FOTD photos, I'm just wearing eyeshadow and the BFF lashes on eyes, and I curled my natural lashes into the BFF hairs so that they fit in.
Wearing Esqido BFF Lash, applied with the Esqido Companion Lash Glue. Foundation is Becca Aqua Luminous, blush is Ilia Beauty Multi-stick in A Fine Romance, and lipstick is Ilia Beauty Ink Pot.

Love the length on these.

I really love the length on these, and that's their best feature. If you're looking for volume or a unique pattern, Esqido has plenty of other options. For flirty, eye-opening length, BFF has you set.

Both products can be purchased at Esqido