Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Sessions IX

Happy Sunday!

This past week has been really heavy, all around the world. I don't know how to express enough sorrow and frustration and sympathy. Just trying to have hope, and strengthen the relationships I have, and do my best to do my part. I don't think we can be judged for taking part in frivolous pastimes, though. We all need reminders of what can be joyful. I hope you have a wonderful week.



Nsale 2016
BOOTS. #Nsale starts this Friday. I wanted the Cole Haan Marina boots, but they are already sold out in my size (early access started last week). These Halogen ones seem like they could be a worthy (and much cheaper!) alternative. For clothing, I usually pick up basics like Zella leggings and capris for aerial (I like Zella because they are thick and fitted but not slick, and ideal for hanging upside down), comfy tees, sweaters, and flannel. For fun items, I love this Leith faux leather skirt, and this Halogen scalloped skirt is also super cute. The BlankNYC faux leather skinny pants are also cute, but I'm worried that they'll be too long. The last, more expensive item is the Guess pink coat - I don't really need another winter coat, but the pastel pink color is so cute. And it comes in petite sizing!

Working on:

One of my goals is to be able to press up into a handstand someday. I'm trying to find a good progression for this - this tutorial seems good, so I'm working on it. I need some yoga blocks. Aerial has helped my core tremendously, but I still feel like my core is my weakest part. I struggle with plow!

Listening to:
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Various podcasts. Wrapped up season one of the Serial podcast. It takes place locally, which is why I had avoided listening to it, but now S is here and we moved out of the city, so I was ok to start, ha. I love crime stories, and this is such a good one. The case appeal actually just went through, too. I just finished it, and am waiting for S to finish so WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT. Has someone else finished it? CAN WE TALK ABOUT IT??? I started Limetown (this one is fictional) and it was totally engrossing, as well. I tried to get into Missing Maura Murray, but I found the first episode rather condescending and not well edited, so I haven't continued.

Link love:

- If you've wanted to try aerial - here's a good FAQ.
- Shameless self plug: I'm on Snapchat: Pestozesto. 
- Today is National Ice Cream Day. HELL, YES.
- Dog cafe!