Wednesday, November 16, 2016

10 Things

I want to catch up with everyone, but it has been crazy here. So, quick updates - and everyone, please tell me how you have been and any news you may have! Or, just share funny memes. We all need some hope and cheer.

1. I got a new job. It's my first permanent, full-time role (i.e., not a post-doc traineeship) in a field I'm really interested in. I'm beyond excited. I start in December. We don't have to move.

2. My birthday is next week and I am excited to go out to dinner. Also, lots of coworkers have been inviting me out to "best of luck and good-bye!" dinners and I feel so loved. It's always reassuring to know that people didn't hate working with you!

3. We're not traveling for Thanksgiving, and no one is traveling here. All set for a quiet, relaxing holiday. We're going to make trashy football food (potato skins, sausages, veggie sticks and dip), though my one concession will be homemade cranberry sauce (which I love) and pumpkin pudding (going to try this recipe from Smitten Kitchen).

4. I shopped the VIB sale (see #2). I bought an MJ blush brush, Becca poured highlighter in Moonstone, two liquid liners in black - one Sephora brand, and the other my go-to Smashbox, a Caudalie skincare set, and that little trio of BareMinerals liquid lipsticks. Fun observation: Caudalie skincare used to hate me. Now apparently it doesn't. Ch-ch-ch-changes! Milestone birthdays can be a bit of a downer, ha!

5. Last month, S and I got a family membership to EarthTreks, which is an indoor climbing gym. It is so awesome to be climbing again! I didn't suck as hard as I thought I was going to, after all this time off. I think Aerial training really helped.

6. Music on repeat: James Bay, Chaos and the Calm. Rachael Yamagata, Tightrope Walker, Jimmy Eat World, Integrity Blues.

7. The cold, dry season seems to be here. Dennison keeps shocking me with his whiskers. It's hilarious but also the worst. Sheeba doesn't seem to be as prone to static.

8. Aerie bralettes and bodysuits are the comfiest things ever. Best discovery this year.

9. Other awesome things we did lately: see Rachael Yamagata in concert again (she's amazing), have an anniversary dinner at Gramercy Tavern (also amazing), attend the Baltimore Whiskey Festival (we have new favorites!), attend the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas while they played the entire soundtrack (so cool! Such timing!), met the absolutely fabulous Gaelle,  have friends over, go out for brunch. Things we have planned: more brunch, seeing The Nutcracker next month, driving up to PA with the fluffies for Christmas.

10. One of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs. RIP, you dear man. The Civil Wars have a beautiful cover, as well.